Rules of the Game

The highest possible roll. If you roll 4-5-6, it's an automatic win.

Rolling three of the same number is known as rolling "trips". Higher trips beat lower trips, so 4-4-4 is better than 3-3-3. Any trips beats any established point.

Rolling a pair, and another number establishes the singleton as a "point". A higher point beats a lower point, so 2-2-6 is better than 5-5-2.

The lowest possible roll. If you roll 1-2-3, it's an automatic loss.

Any other roll is a meaningless combination and must be rerolled until one of the above combinations occurs.

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With three six-sided dice there are 6x6x6 or 216 possible permutations.

  • 4-5-6: 6/216 = 2.777777778% (Automatic Win)
  • Trips: 6/216 = 2.777777778%
  • Point: 90/216 = 41.66666667%
  • 1-2-3: 6/216 = 2.777777778% (Automatic Loss)
  • Meaningless permutations: 108/216 = 50%